Why Hire Us

"My wedding was a dream come true. They saw my vision, helped me express it and made it real, on my budget.” Vanessa McC.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Planner and/or Coordinator?  

Planning a wedding is super time consuming, requires a whole lot of organization and is stressful. Not to mention, that it is probably the biggest and most expensive party you have thrown to date. We always encourage you to start planning on your own to figure out how much assistance you need. The wedding industry is complex and there are a lot of moving parts that definitely add to your bottom line. 

Planners can help you get through the process since they are experienced in planning weddings over and over again, know their local markets and have access to a variety of resources to help save you time and money.

Reason #1 .... You Physically Can't Be In Two Places At Once

It all starts with the best of intentions, you decide you are going to do it all or your bestie volunteers to take care of the set up on the day of. The problem ... everyone needs to get ready and time goes by super quick (not to mention cleaning up is a mood breaker). A planner works closely with you before your wedding to make sure you haven't forgotten anything, your contracts are in order, your setup details are in check and your timeline flows.

On the day of, all you need to do is get ready, enjoy your family and friends and make memories. You don't need to worry about load in, set up or breakdown and you know if something does go wrong, you have professionals taking care of the issue.

Your Venue Manager is not a Wedding Planner - Both the venue manager and your wedding planner play key roles and should work in conjunction with one another.  While they share in the same top priority ... (making your day amazing!), their roles and responsibilities typically are different.

Your Venue Manager is employed by the venue and specializes in food and beverage sales for the venue. They will ensure all your food and beverage requirements are handled as per your contract. They will also provide vendor referrals and offer linen and decor options through their preferred vendors and while they are typically there on your wedding day, most depart after the first course is served. 

A wedding planner is employed by you and is your personal consultant. We work directly with you on your personal details and will mediate, negotiate, and co-create with you. We communicate with all your vendors and your venue before the wedding and provide a fully integrated master timeline and production schedule to your entire wedding team. On the day of your planner partners with your vendors, are present from setup to breakdown and attend to the setup and cleanup of your personal items. They also will direct your rehearsal, ceremony, reception and grand exit. 

Bottom line ... You need them both. If you are told you don't need to hire a coordinator by your venue (or any vendor) be sure to ask key questions so that you fully understand how much coordination they will be doing for you. Some of your questions should be:

Planners Save You Money

Planning and Coordination should be part of your budget and it is probably the only line item that actually helps you save money in the long run. Working with a planner early saves you money because we have built trusted relationships with suppliers and wedding professionals and can help you avoid budget busters. It is important to note that the biggest savings is typically in vendor referrals. This is because When you call a vendor, you will more than likely receive their standard rate or a slightly discounted rate, but planners often receive higher discounts that are passed on to you. Why do vendors do this?  Because planners give quality vendors repeat business and since there is an already established working relationship with that vendor, they already know their day will be easier.


Reduce Stress – Save Time

Properly planning a wedding is time consuming and most couples find themselves stretched too thin, especially in the three months before your wedding. Planning, organizing and coordination is what we do and we are dedicated to making your event all you dreamed. We know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and tend to the details to make sure things run smoothly. We help keep you organized and you have a professional to call if you need them. When you hire us, you save time, get to tend to your other responsibilities and most importantly … you get to breathe.

Benefit from our Knowledge, Experience and Resources

We love this business ... we do this full-time, are trained in weddings, have access to the latest trends and network with some of the best vendors in Central Florida. We also constantly research venues and vendors and are always learning about this industry. We source vendors that are a fit for you and your style and work with you to pull together your vision. We take the time to advise you on proper etiquette, and suggest ways to use your budget wisely based on what we have learned planning other weddings. We also know the tricks of the trade and truly embrace the motto “Where there is a will there is a way” but more importantly, there is the right way to get there. We have more than one contact for lighting, décor, entertainment, caterers, bakers and more and we only recommend those we know perform and know how to get the job done.


We are all about the details

Budgets, Checklists, timelines, itineraries, Production Schedules, Set-Up Instructions, Contracts, Banquet Event Order Forms, Online Collaboration ... We understand what needs to be done and we also know how to get it done. We bring your wedding team together and partner with the team so that your day goes as you planned. 

You get to Enjoy your Day!

It’s “Your” day and you should get to enjoy it. We are an extension of you so that you can be a guest at your own wedding and enjoy the company of your family and friends.